Tick Tock: Fall Fest

Fall Fest act Jelani Sei. Photo credit: Nick Gaglio

Miss out on Fall Fest this year? No worries, the Beat had your back.

Simone Ritchie

5:47 pm: I’ve just gotten back to campus from New Haven and I’m hustlin’ buns to go pick up my wristband and get to the Stood. I find some merch in the process – it’s nice to have some pumpkin-themed swag in the midst of all of the egg nog lattes and Bing Crosby tunes already being carted out for Christmas.

5:52 pm: It’s eight minutes to showtime and the Stood is nearly empty. All I can hear are the screams of people playing Mortal Kombat in the back. Can’t tell if the screams are coming from the game, or the people playing.

6:01 pm: I found a plaid recliner to relax in while I’m waiting for this to get started. It matches the curmudgeon-y attitude I have about this anti-climactic start to Fall Fest.

6:06 pm: Why did I think that a concert, let alone a Stood show, would start on time? Obviously, I need to get out more.

6:07 pm: Soft white light bathes the Mainstage. Baby steps.

6:10 pm: Nicki Minaj starts playing over the speakers. We’re getting there.

6:21 pm: Two guys take the stage and start warming up. They look like two kids that got plucked from a skate park. I quickly realize that this is Dogpetter.

6:25 pm: Someone next to me says that they’re unhappy about the show starting late. I’m tempted to create a Bitter Old Lady Brigade with this person.

6:30 pm: The band starts rocking out without any prior announcement. A full 14 people are nodding along to the rock band. With just vocals, guitar, and drums, Dogpetter still has a full sound that finally gives the Stood the energy it needs.

6:33 pm: The band ends their first song with the lead singer leaning into the mic and yelling “thank you!” He sounds like Elmo from Sesame Street. Wouldn’t it be cool if Elmo had a rock band?

6:42 pm: I’ve just noticed that no drunk people have stumbled in yet. Either they’re really good at hiding it, or we as a student body have decided that 6 p.m. is too early to start knocking back beers. I’m hoping it’s the former.

6:47 pm: The band loves utilizing reverb and looping techniques to fill the voids between songs. It sounds a bit like a skipping CD. Maybe it’ll be cool to intentionally include CD skips in songs soon? Someone should archive this article and check back five years later to see if I’m right.

6:50 pm: Dog Petter’s set comes to an end and people disperse, all helplessly meandering around the Stood. Wouldn’t it be nice if the fried Oreos of Culture Shock fame could be sold during Fall Fest? Hard on the arteries, but always an easy conversation piece.

Kerby Marcelin

7:10 pm: Few students are scattered around the Stood, playing different games. There’s a very small crowd in front of the main stage.

7:20 pm: Accompanied by a fine-drawn blend of guitar and bass, Marcela opens with a smooth piece.

7:22 pm: A guy fixes his eyes on a tablet that has a remote control for the sound system. “Finally, we’re going to have quality sound at a Stood performance,” I think to myself.

7:25 pm: People approach the stage in pairs. The crowd expands considerably.

7:26 pm: The song gets upbeat. Jaelyn smashes it on the drum. Screams from the crowd.

7:28 pm: It is difficult to hear her voice as all the musicians jump in. The sound system has let me down again.

7:30 pm: A saxophonist slides in with flair.

7:31 pm: We are led to a funky tune.

7:33 pm: Marcela asks for the lights to be turned off.

7:35 pm: Marcela picks up her electric guitar. As the other instruments calm, Marcela’s saccharine voice rings clear again.

7:40 pm: She takes a break and drinks some water. “Who’s excited for Smino.” Marcela says. “Woo!” the crowd responds.

7:42 pm: A cellist sprinkles his skills on the musical delight, driving a new piece.

7:47 pm: The drummer begins to rage again. The crowd sways.

7:49 pm: Marcela asks someone to come on the stage. Dimani attempts to get on stage, nearly slips, but she helps them up. They dance on stage.

7:50 pm: I realize that the song is Drake’s “Get It Together”. Everyone dances and claps.

7:51 pm: Evan makes love to the bass.

Charles Owens, with special appearances from Nick Gaglio

7:50 pm: I have arrived at The Stood for my first Fall Fest.

7:53 pm: Male student bumps into me while taking a Snapchat, no apology was offered.

8:02 pm: The drums are absolutely blaring for Marcela Avelina’s last song. The drummer is quite good.

8:09 pm: Marcela Avelina’s set has ended and Kanye has come on over the speakers, never a bad time for some Ye.

8:24 pm: Jelani Sei seems ready to start their set as the crowd gathers back around the stage.

8:30 pm: Technical difficulties have caused a delay to the start of Jelani Sei

8:31pm: “Could we get blue lights? What about the front?” Jelani Sei’s Evan Lawrence is picky, but god is his band good. (Nick)

8:36 pm: Shirts are thrown into the crowd and people throw their hands up to catch one. None for me sadly.

8:44 pm: A group of 5 people begin dancing wildly as the tempo of the song picks up considerably.

8:44 pm: Evan’s bass face is ridiculous. Like, John Mayer/Este Haim level ridiculous. Known the guy three years, how have I never noticed this before. (Nick)

8:50 pm: Jelani Sei says the next song is “one you shake your ass to” the audience approves.

Nick Gaglio

9:32 pm: Soul Glo is just about ready. Drummer has an Old Maybe shirt on, and everyone should check that band out too. Off-kilter noise out of Philly.

9:35 pm: “This first song is about trauma… how it can affect your worldview” vocalist Pierce Jordan explains, before quipping about how he’s never done a gig with a wireless mic before.

9:38 pm: “What’s the politically correct way to mix up the pit?” Yup, Bruce Hamilton is here.

9:41 pm: First blast beats of the night. No pit.

9:45 pm: FINALLY a pit opens up in the back. Some disgusted(?) looks at the front of the crowd. Did we forget this was a hardcore band?

9:48 pm: I finally understand the appeal of the double kick pedal.

9:58 pm: Jordan is pensive between songs, but leads with a message of empowerment and hope, before leading into the politically charged “Violence Against Black Women Goes Largely Unreported.” An influx of people begin missing for the snap. The divide between the confused students of color at the front of the crowd and the (predominantly white) moshers in the back is slowly breaking. Soul Glo is for the people.

9:59 pm: The set ends.

10:05 pm: My request to play Clipse over the PA goes unfulfilled. Gaglio out.

10:06 pm: A brief after-the-fact side note to emphasize the importance of a hardcore punk band predominantly featuring people of color:The fact that a genre built on the blueprints of bands like X Ray Spex and the Bad Brains has a diversity problem is both depressing and completely unsurprising. Soul Glo should not be an anomaly. We need more gigs where a band like Soul Glo can share a stage, and thus a platform and audience, with fans of pop, R&B and Hip-Hop, especially when there’s the opportunity for an artist to speak truth to power.

Fall Fest act Soul Glo. Photo credit: Nick Gaglio

Zoë Hines

9:45 pm: I decided to come early and walked to the center of the stood stage to witness a massive mosh pit

9:47 pm: Kid in the neon orange beanie is not having it with this mosh pit.

9:59 pm: Soul Glo leaves the stage.

10:01 pm: Some students clear out while others stay glued to the barricades.

10:09 pm: Most of the crowd has left. I start walking around the stood. Hopefully I can play some arcade games until TT The Artist comes on.

10:10 pm: Just kidding, students have completely taken over the arcade games.

10:14 pm: “Goosebumps” by Travis Scott is playing and this makes my wait for TT way better.

10:16 pm: Three students are dancing hard in the corner of the stood to “Goosebumps.” Give me your energy pleaseeeee.

10:19 pm: Okay where are you TT?

10:20 pm: Bobby J. Woody takes the stage. “Let’s go Bobby!” – student yells from the back.

10:24 pm: “How are you guys doing tonight?” – TT screams as she enters the stage.

10:25 pm: TT The Artist has bright long curly pink hair with a blue onesie and high top orange converse.

10:26 pm: When did all these students reappear? The crowd is way bigger now.

10:27 pm: Everyone’s hands go up as she screams “get your hands up!”

10:29 pm: Seriously when did all these students get here? It was a ghost Stood before…

10:31 pm: Wow, this girl with the red leather jacket has not stopped dancing since TT came on. You go girl!

10:32 pm: “This is for my girls with big booties” – TT

10:35 pm: Every time I move, I get hit by energetic twerkers.

10:36 pm: Students are jumping to a track with a chorus “help me get this ice cream”

10:38 pm: TT just taught the whole crowd a dance routine. I don’t think students have the slide part right but the jump at the end is on point.

10:42 pm: “If you’re sweating out there make some noise!” – TT.  Some students are definitely sweating because most of them have not stopped moving since “Goosebumps” came on earlier.

10:43 pm: Neon Fall Fest beanies are being thrown and I didn’t catch one. I’m actually upset, they are so nice.

10:45 pm: Did she just sing “I just want my pussy ate?”

10:46 pm: Yeah I’m not tweaking. TT is really rapping a verse about her pussy.

10:50 pm: We gotta show love to the ladies fellas, cause that’s the reason why y’all are here” – TT

10:51 pm: The boys behind me are really vibin’ to this song about sexy ladies.

10:53 pm: TT The Artist brought out her friend with an uzi gun and starts popping the gun to the beat.

10:56 pm: Students are swaying their hands back and forth until the beat drops. My hips have not stopped moving. TT knows how to entertain a crowd!

10:57 pm: I missed catching a Fall Fest shirt because I was writing what I saw. Main mission of the night: get a hat or shirt.

11:01 pm: This kid in the white turtle neck and black visor is really killing the milly rock right now.

11:05 pm: Is another mosh pit forming? I can’t tell if it’s just students just really feeling the beat or instigating another Soul Glo type mosh pit.

11:06 pm: “Stay in school man” – TT says before performing her last song.


Keaton Comiskey

11:09 pm: Arrival. No one is on stage

11:10 pm: The Stood is not as hot as it usually is. I’m ok with this

11:16 pm: Shout out to the techs working hard on stage

11:20 pm: No sign of Smino but they’re playing Migos so that’s cool

11:21 pm: Smino was supposed to go on at 11:00 so we’re on time in Stood world

11:22 pm: The DJ is mic checking to the beat. I appreciate that

11:25 pm: King of the Stood, Bobby Woody, takes the stage and thanks everyone for coming out

11:26 pm: Smino begins crowd yells and shifts slightly forward. I move as well

11:27 pm: He refers to himself as Smino Degrigio. Clever

11:28 pm: Damn this guy has a great voice

11:29 pm: Smino explains that his last few meals have all been in airports. I wonder if the Hub is better

11:30 pm: People are dancing. My friends and I are doing it but badly

11:32 pm: Smino drops a beat. The crowd goes wild. Everyone around me knows it

11:34 pm: These beats are great

11:35 pm: The crowd is bouncing. Hands are in the air

11:39 pm: “Stay hydrated motherfuckers.” Responsible

11:40 pm: Ok maybe the pea coat wasn’t a great idea on my part. It’s starting to get a little hot in here

11:42 pm: The hands are in the air again

11:43 pm: The crowd is really jumping now

11:45 pm: This song is fire: “Black Jupiter”

11:48 pm: Smino asks the crowd a very personal question about their sex lives

11:49 pm: Despite a slightly controversial message about contraception this song is a bop

11:51 pm: Smino finished the song a cappella and really shows off his vocal chops

11:52 pm: Smino is smoking on stage. I bet UPD is having a heart attack

11:54 pm: Smino gives a quick shout out to mothers everywhere

11:57 pm: A reggae beat!

11:58 pm: Smino requests the crowd to make some noise for security. Hopefully they forgive him for the smoking

12:01 pm: The guy behind me just got very excited about whatever song he’s about to play

12:04 pm: The DJ sprays the crowd with water. Things are getting rowdy

12:05 pm: Apparently that was his last song

12:06 pm: Quality set

12:07 pm: Smino has returned to the stage and is throwing towels at the crowd