Tick Tock: 23 Hour Show

Didn’t have a chance to get to the 23 Hour Show at the Stood? We’ve got you covered.



12:06p- Chairs are being set up in Whitson’s for the Excel workshop.

12:12p- I watch as Batya sets up an Excel presentation.

12:14p- Batya’s extension is not working, so I help one of the students (Rachel) with electrical breaker.

12:17p- We realize extension cord was never plugged in.

12:21p- Batya begins Excel presentation with examples of what not to do when making graphs.

12:32p- I walk back over the Stood.

12:37p- I buy a fur vest a rummage sale for $10.

12:38p- Sword circle starts and ground rules are laid out.

12:39p- Sword fighting begins using plastic swords.

12:41p- One fatality.

12:43p- Fighting begins again, and the alpha is declared.

12:46p- Knighting occurs.

12:55p- Rachel preps the slime. Ingredients: Elmer’s Glue, Borax, food coloring, glitter, and water.

1:02p- I touch the slime. It has the consistency of wet play dough.

1:04p- We discuss ingredients in Elmer’s glue (hooves or no hooves).

1:06p- Everyone works on their slime masterpieces.

Photo by Julia Meslener  

1:11p- I walk over to rummage sale which has slowly taken the form of a fashion show.

1:27p- Setting up face mask station.

1:32p- I realize face masks are beauty facials and not theatrical masks.

1:34p- The Stood is quickly filling up.

1:36p- I walk over to the pool tables where a few games have started.

1:37p- Everyone is still playing with slime.

1:39p- Girls are in the bathroom applying face masks.

1:41p- Girl walks out with a blue face mask.

1:48p- Blue face girl washes off her mask and asks me, “Did I get it all off?” to which I reply, “not quite.”

1:50p- Slime making continues.

2:01p- Slime is now being used as face masks.

2:08p- Everyone is talking while playing with slime. Slime was a success.

2:09p- A tour group walks in to check out the Stood.

2:15p- Cart full of tech equipment carted into Whitson’s for next event.

2:21p- Stood has cleared out



2:32p- My Favorite YouTube is set up in Whitson’s, a viewing of YouTube videos suggested by viewers.

2:33p- I make a video suggestion, “Brodyquest”, otherwise known as the greatest YouTube video ever made. Can’t wait to witness everyone’s reactions of confusion when it finally plays.

2:35p- The first video is called “American kids try Christmas food from all over the world.”

2:38p- The children are delighted to find out that in Japan, KFC is considered a Christmas meal. “This is happening! This is happening!” screams one of the children.

2:40p- Next is a short one. “Charlie bit my finger,” but Charlie is a Venus flytrap.

2:41p- The best one is up next, my pick “Brodyquest” which features a walking animation of Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody walking past a series of background images ranging from the Lincoln Memorial to Saturn, climaxing with everything and everyone in the universe turning into Adrien Brody, including Mickey Mouse and the Pope’s hat. The few people in the audience were transfixed, laughing at how absurd it was, and nodding their head with the upbeat rhythm that accompanies this magical video.

2:48p- Next is a makeup tutorial video from Katya of RuPaul’s Drag Race. For someone who doesn’t have any familiarity with makeup or applying it, the video was still entertaining thanks to Katya’s sense of humor.

2:52p- My Favorite YouTube ends and the stage gets set up for Anneliese McCarthy’s musical performance.

2:58p- While I wait for Anneliese to set up I go out to the main area of the Stood where people are selling clothes. I see a pair of Harry Potter leggings and I decide to buy them for my sister. It was her birthday last week and I didn’t really get her anything.

3:02p- Anneliese performs her first song, “These Days,” a soft and soulful song that everyone was motionless during.

3:05p- Her next song, “Westwood,” was just as sweet, about a long lost love.

3:09p- The next song she performs is a cover of “Oblivion” by Bastille.

3:12p- The lighting turns cold blue illuminating the room.

3:16p- After performing her song “Daydream” off of her new EP of the same name, she is told that she has only a few more minutes to perform before set up for the next performance. She performs a cover and another one of her own songs before leaving the stage.

3:25p- At the end of the show, the girl sitting in front of me stretches all the way back and almost hits me. “Sorry, I didn’t know anyway was there,” she said.

3:32p- While waiting for the next performer to set up, the sound guy has a little bit of fun by mixing “Bad and Boujee” with The Legend of Zelda theme.

3:38p- Before officially starting his standup act, Devin Douglas asks what the next children’s cartoon show will be to spawn a popular meme, like Spongebob and Arthur.

3:41p- He jokes about how frail teenagers look nowadays. “I mean, I’m not exactly R. Kelly, or even Kilkelly. You know Kilkelly. He puts the PR in ‘predator.’” The first Kilkelly joke of the night, even before the roast.

3:48p- Douglas asks everybody where they’re living on campus and finally gets to me. I tell him that I don’t live here.

Photo by Nicole Burns  

3:54p- “I finally saw ‘Get Out’. I come back here and wonder, do people not realize that this movie is about them?”

3:56p- More movie jokes (my favorite) comparing the tension between Captain America and Iron Man to the characters from “Moonlight”.

4:05p- The next act is My Drunken Sustainability, a presentation on global warming, pollution and how it’s all our fault.

4:16p- The presenters’ attitudes are really condescending towards the audience, saying things like, “If you drive a car, you’re part of the problem.” On the subject of recycling, they say, “It probably makes you feel good about yourself, but recycling is shit.”

4:25p- Presentation ends and the overall lesson is “Become vegan, don’t use plastic for anything, recycling doesn’t work, don’t drive cars, but we’re all still fucked anyway, so it doesn’t matter.” So enlightening.

4:26p- As they leave the stage to minimal applause, one of them asks, “So did anyone here learn anything? Probably not.”

4:30p- Penthouse Boys take the stage delivering a much-needed energetic and lively performance as a follow up.

4:39p- During Penthouse Boys’ rocking musical performance, everyone gets up and moves all of the chairs out of the way in order to make room for some dancing.

4:47p- After their first song, both boys take off their white pants and reveal their basketball shorts underneath. “If you’re not here, you’re missing all this,” says one of them.

4:50p- The lead performer takes a chair from the audience and performs a dance break with it.

4:53p- Penthouse Boys has attracted the largest audience for any of the events so far today.

5:00p- The show ends. “Ok, go home now,” one says jokingly.

5:07p- I congratulate the Penthouse Boys as they’re about to leave and tell them that they were the best act that I’ve seen all day.

5:10p- The most anticipated event, “The Roast of Daniel Kilkelly,” finally starts with an avant-garde sound clip of him crying from a video on his Instagram.

5:13p- “This isn’t going to be a roast, but more just facts,” says the presenter, in reference to the college girls that he’s tried to date.

5:14p- A joke about how the only reason Kilkelly must still have this job is because he’s probably President Schwartz’s long lost nephew.

5:18p- “He looks like one of the creepy white people from ‘Get Out’.”

5:22p- One woman tells a personal story about how Kilkelly followed her mom on Instagram.

5:30p- Drake Bell Live is about to start. “I loved him in The Fairly Odd Parents Movie,” says someone in the audience.

5:36p- I notice two friends waiting at the Loop stop outside, so I open the window in Whitson’s and wave at them.

5:45p- The Drake Bell cover band, Drake Bell Live, is about to play. “Drake” enters wearing his signature black graphic-tee over a long-sleeved shirt.

Photo by Julia Meslener  

5:47p- “Here’s the song you all came to hear.” They proceed to play “I Found a Way,” the theme song for “Drake and Josh”.

5:52p- After that song, they lead into their next. “You gotta do what makes you happy, and that’s where I got the inspiration for this song. It’s called ‘Makes Me Happy.’”

5:55p- Special guest “Miranda Cosgrove” takes the stage to perform “Leave it All to Me,” the theme song from “iCarly.”

Photo by Julia Meslener  

5:58p- Second special guest “Josh Peck” comes up to perform “Soul Man” from one of the most famous “Drake and Josh” episodes.

6:02p- “That’s the end of the show, if you want to support me, donate to the Trump Foundation and tell Viacom to renew my contract.”

6:07p- TEEJ takes the stage to perform covers of musical theatre songs. She starts by singing “Burlesque” with a spot-on Cher impression.

6:10p- Next musical performance is “Over the Moon” from “Rent.” She forgets the words halfway through and cuts right over to “Adelaide’s Lament” from “Guys and Dolls” for a little bit before going over to the next full number “Life of the Party” from “Chicago.”


Photo by Julia Meslener  

6:21p- She asks for requests from the audience. I say “La La Land.” She yells back, “Fuck La La Land and fuck you, too!”

6:22p- Her final song is “Ireland” from “Legally Blonde.”



6:24p- I walk into a Whitson’s Memorial Greeting Hall, six minutes ahead of schedule. “Life of the Party” is underway (Caitlin Byrne is belting show tunes to a seated and captivated audience of about fifteen people) and I tap out fellow Beat reporter Michael Pisacano. It is just now that I realize I should have done something irresponsible beforehand, for the sake of more interesting reporting. Whatever. I am no Hunter S. Thompson.

6:35p- Jack Walter, a treasured roommate of mine, begins his DJ set as Tael. With little introduction, he begins spinning a mix of original compositions that highlights the best of the Beastie Boys and the first season of “True Detective.” There are still fifteen people here, but it’s a slightly different fifteen. The front row is comprised exclusively of friends, who nod approvingly.

6:40p- I regret not bringing earplugs. Nothing against the Migos/Legend of Zelda mashup; it’s just that the bass hurts my already-worn ears.

6:48p- Walter thanks the audience quickly, and the room clears. All that’s left is the pink light, the podium, and a mess of chairs. I don’t realize it now, but this will be the last event inside Whitson’s for another 77 minutes. This will prove to be not a problem at all.

6:54p- It warms the repressed Stood Kid inside of me to see different groups of people shooting pool, playing video games, conducting Tarot readings, and generally lounging around for the time being.

7:00p- I forgot to eat dinner, so I’m especially thankful for the stack of Domino’s orders at the front desk, available for all. The MSAF has never tasted this good. Deanna Castello, the Student Activities Coordinator and one of the brave souls that will endure/run the entire event, tells me that the event starting at seven o’clock is called “Block Your Ex.” I don’t understand, but I don’t pry.

7:06p- I’m asked to help move a couch. I don’t mind. It feels like I work at the Stood again.

7:07p- “BLOCK YOUR EX,” shouts Castello and Rachel Borovaya, the Major Events Coordinator (another brave soul), while students mill about the Stood. This appears to be what was meant by “Block Yr Ex LIVE.” Nobody seems phased. The leisure continues.

7:14p- While the front desk is temporarily unmanned, I sneak over for a fourth slice.

7:15p- “Put this in the article: ‘The M.E.C. breaks down!’”

Photo by Nicole Burns  

7:20p- I’ve got it — this is a loosely supervised hangout with optional performances.

7:38p- It is now clear that there isn’t any formal programming for the 7:30-8:00 block. Once again, that’s cool by everybody.

7:40p- I’m fairly certain the ping-pongers have been ponging for an hour. Not a scheduled act, per se, but a feat of endurance in itself.

7:43p- The rummage sale that was ongoing when I arrived appears to be over with the departure of Nick Gaglio and Thea Horowitz, the couple slinging records by the door. I made off with four Van Halen LPs for ten bucks total.


Photo by Julia Meslener  

7:52p- I’m sitting quietly because I’m trying to fit in.

8:00p- Our hour of rest and relaxation is about to end with the commencement of “Jams with Jan: Dance Time Baby.” Janet Katsnelson, the Jan in question, tells me to “do the moves,” despite the fact that I must also cover the event. I oblige. It’s all about that embedded reporting, baby.

8:10p- Katsnelson leads us in dancing to 1980s tunes and Kanye West.

8:11p- This is actually fun, and I’m working up a sweat.

8:25p- One of the longest gaps in my reporting during these two hours was because I was dancing. This has been a worthwhile couple of hours.



9:00p- Baby Glock: “What’s up Purchase! 23-hour show lets get it!”

9:01p- I think he’s still setting up though.

9:07p- Are my friends coming?

9:08p- “Yeah my credit bad but my bitch is too.” Nice.

9:10p- Baby Glock invited the crowd to move in closer.

9:16p- He’s got some new songs for us, apparently.

9:18p- Holy crap. Everyone’s jumping up in rhythm with the bass. I really like the energy.

9:21p- I like that more people are coming in! Not a bad turn out to begin, but Stood shows are always better when there’s more people.

9:22p- Someone in the front is dancing like his life depends on it! Admirable.

9:24p- The guy with the gray hoodie next to me is mouthing along, “aye, aye, aye.”

9:25p- The same guy yelled a song request and Baby Glock agreed. This is definitely a popular one because EVERYONE is into it.

9:30p- Energy from the show went from low to high really quick, and stayed that way.

9:56p- Looks like Trap Orchestra consists of four saxophones (two altos and two tenors?), two drum sets, three trumpets, two trombones, one guitar, one bass, two keyboards, and two vocalists.


Photo by Julia Meslener  

10:04p- Just warmed up with upbeat jazz.

10:05p- I already know I’m going to like this!

10:07p- First song is over. Wow.

10:12p- Lots of solos and improvisation in this song.

10:13p- This group has amazing upbeat jazz paired with rap lyrics. I’m digging the combo!

10:15p- Covering Kanye’s “Father Stretch my Hands Pt. 1.”


Photo by Julia Meslener  

10:24p- I’ve seen jazz and rap before with Kendrick Lamar, but this is a whole different story live.

10:26p- Why isn’t there a bigger crowd?

10:29p- Bass solo! The male vocalist says “speed it up, Max.” Things pick up for the bassist, then all instruments!

10:35p- Things just got slow and almost sensual. I liked the change-up.

10:39p- Crowd is bigger!

10:42p- Crowd going crazy for a cover of “Antidote” by Travis Scott!

10:43p- This “Antidote” cover is insane. I feel bad for anyone who is missing it. The addition of saxophones plus the percussion is unstoppable.

10:43p- If it weren’t already amazing- a sax solo!


10:49p- Male vocalist asked us if we think they write their own stuff. I don’t doubt it.

10:56p- Drum solo!

10:59p- “If you don’t two step we won’t leave,” said the male vocalist.

11:00p- Male vocalist jumps into the crowd, jumps around and raps in the middle of the crowd.

11:15p- Absolutely would see them again – wow! A little sad they’re done.

11:21p- Demetrius and Bobby performing together?


Photo by Devin Pascal-Seward

11:22p- Demetrius freestyle! Also, I think Demetrius is performing first, then Bobby after him.

11:24p- “Raise your fist it’s black power in this bitch,” rapped Demetrius.

11:33p- Freestyle by Demetrius. He based his rhyme scheme off of the word blue, which he got from someone in the crowd.

11:36-p Bobby has Taylor Burgess at backup vocals, then someone at keyboard, percussion, trumpet, and Evan Lawrence at bass.


Photo by Devin Pascal-Seward

11:39p- Intense dancer is next to me, and making me a little anxious.

11:40p- Bobby showing he can slow it down on the second song with slower vocals.

11:41p- Oh, he just sped up!

11:48p- “Don’t forget the happy thoughts, all you need are thoughts.”

11:52p- They’re playing a song; I don’t know what it is though. Started with Taylor singing “Isn’t She Lovely” but changed to something else. It must be popular, because people are singing along.

11:55p- “I want you to scream on the count of three: ‘Fuck Donald Trump!’”





12:00a- The Stood is mostly empty as Thotscapade sets up in Whitson’s. The Stood’s typical smoking area is near empty, at this point it doesn’t appear that any event is going on at all. A green screen is going up near the main stage and people are carrying instruments around on their backs, but who exactly will watch? I played pool with some students while waiting for Thotscapade to begin. Once it finally starts no one is around, but hip-hop music and a music video is projected to Whitson’s screen.

12:37a- I don’t know what “Sword Circle” is, but there are a couple of foam swords being passed around. Once it finally started, people just took pictures holding foam swords in front of the green screen. Someone is wearing a pumpkin mask. It looks like the “Make a Music Video” and “Sword Circle” events have merged. Nothing about this makes any sense.

12:58a- In case you were wondering, I won that game of pool. While previous events have been playing it fast and loose, we just got an announcement that “Instant Cover Show” is about to begin. However, people are playing a rousing game of Ninja in Whitson’s while they wait for the show to begin.

1:15a- The world’s longest sound check has been happening and getting a lot of applause.  It seems the show is finally about to begin. The three-piece band plays along to a David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel,” playing on a YouTube video projected behind them. They’re all out of sync with each other. The song is unrecognizable. It’s hard to tell if this is a part of the show or not. However, they pulled it together to perform an excellent rendition of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy.”


Photo by Julia Meslener  

1:39a- At the “Poland Spring vs. La Croix” event, people are shotgunning seltzer and are told that if they throw up, they will have to clean it up themselves. There is no actual La Croix present, only Polar seltzer. The crowd quickly dispersed after the shotgunning, but I overheard, “I already felt really gassy earlier and this isn’t helping.” I asked Anna Corbet, 23, how they felt about the event. They informed me that “La Croix is literally a meme but it still tastes better than Polar.” Then someone announced that the “mass haircut” is cancelled because no one brought scissors.

3:00a- The guacamole demonstration is well underway. The instructor, Julien Carino, is preparing guacamole from scratch, chopping an onion and yelling about it, while waving around a sharp knife. He lets us all know that “knowing how to make guacamole is essential and if you don’t know how then you just have to watch people make it in a Mexican restaurant.” It may have been because I haven’t eaten in 8 hours but the final product was absolutely delicious.


Photo by Julia Meslener  

3:30a- Many are waiting for the “Exorcism of Tomi Lahren” to begin, so I talked to those in charge of the event, Rachel Borovaya, the Major Events Coordinator, and Natasha Greene, the Stood Coordinator. When asked why such a strange event was being held, Borovaya replied, “This space has been integral to our growth as students. I think this event opens the space up for a lot of students to experience what the Stood has to offer.”

3:45a- Still no exorcism, but Greene said they should be setting up about now. Numbers here are dwindling. Some are playing pool, others are twiddling their thumbs waiting for the next event to begin.

4:00a- More people have showed up, but still no exorcism. There’s foosball and a piano being played. The energy is notably low. I’m watching Hulu on my phone, waiting for something to happen.

4:08a- The exorcism has begun. There are five people sitting in a circle in Whitson’s, giggling. A Barbie doll sits in the center of the circle with a ring of salt surrounding it. Each participant is pouring coconut water on the doll. I can’t make heads or tails of this. I feel like I’m hallucinating. For their finale they rip the doll’s head off chanting, “the demon bitch is dead.” Borovaya has informed me that while “Marijuana. Just Say Know” is supposed to begin at 4:30, it is unclear as to whether Sam Land will show up to perform.

4:40a – Land has taken the mic in Whitson’s and is giving a step-by-step tutorial on lighting a bowl. The crowd of three is asking sarcastic questions about pot. When someone asked why he decided to hold the event, Land replied with, “I don’t know. I just like talking about weed.” This appears to just be an event during which Land talks to his friends about weed.

5:00a- The previous event is still technically happening, but it’s just two of the “audience” members beat boxing. Only two more “events” before I can go home.

5:17a- Greene has informed me that “Hard Opinions with Sal” won’t be happening because “they’re probably asleep.”

5:33a – The scheduled “Lemonade” screening has yet to begin, but even if it did, no one is here to watch it.

The hours from 6AM – 12PM were not observed.