The Stood’s Successful “First Show Back”

Brix Anna performs at "The First Show Back" Photo credit: Zoe Hines

By Zoe Hines

The Stood held their first show of the spring semester in Whitson’s on Saturday, February 4, appropriately titled “The First Show Back”. The event was hosted by the Diversity Committee, where four artists displayed their diverse music styles. At around 9:00 p.m., DJ Velma kicked off the event by playing remixed classic tunes for a small crowd sharing their frivolous dance moves, patiently waiting for the show to begin.

By 9:30, Brix Anna came on as the first set of the night. A soft smile crept on her face as she thanked the audience for coming out. Her sentimental track “Drug” had students swaying to the mellow beat fused with her innocent vocals. Students responded by positively clapping as she explained the background behind the story for her next track. Brix Anna’s last song “Bedroom Eyes” featured a duet with rookie rapper, Wordplay. Their chemistry heated up as they closely crooned each other with heartwarming lyrics.

Around 10:00, there was a completely different vibe from the songs performed earlier. Hip-hop collective, The Vagabondz, had an energetic attitude that engaged a bigger crowd. Jumping up and down was a continuous movement for anthems like “Return Of The Mac” and “Godzilla.” Group member, Zymoon, spit a few of his own bars before the performance ended with the joyful track “Shine” that signifies future success. The group left students enthusiastic for Queens rapper, Akinyemi.

Akinyemi impressed the audience with a quick spoken word rap which immediately grabbed the attention of the listeners by 10:45. His interaction with the crowd became more engaging when students were asked to recite lyrics back to the Queens rapper for the soothing track “Flyaway.” Sharp flows and intimate verses asserted a physical connection with multiple people. As Akinyemi lifted his fist in the air, others followed his actions while nodding their heads back and forth.

Each performance triggered optimistic shifts of momentum. Feelings were versatile depending on the mood the artist brought to the atmosphere. If you wanted calm sounds, Brix Anna lulled you. If you wanted your vibrancy liberated, The Vagabondz’s clamorous beats got you hyped. Akineyemi’s set woke you up to reality with powerful lyricism.

“The First Show Back” was fun and full of active up-and-coming artists expressing their talents.