The Purchase Camerata Performs “An ‘Other Four Seasons'”

Photo by Nicholas Perillo

By Nicholas Perillo

On Thursday, Dec. 1, people of all ages packed into the first floor of the Neuberger Museum at Purchase College to see The Purchase Camerata perform.

The group performed a unique set of baroque music compiled by the group’s director, Bradley Brookshire. The camerata created their own spin on “Four Seasons,” composed by Antonio Vivaldi, and compiled their own set called “An ‘Other Four Seasons.’”

Brookshire kicked off the small concert by performing a song by J.S. Bach on his harpsichord. It was the first of the four songs to leave the crowd speechless.

“That was a great show,” said Carol Green, 42, of nearby Harrison. “I come here often because the talent in the school is great.”

The Purchase Camerata was founded in 1997 as a way to bring students closer to the baroque repertoire. Each fall the group puts their focus on practicing for the small concerts they perform. Each year one or more students receives ensemble coaching for a small solo during the performance.

However, the group composed of one flutist (Reed Green), three violinists (Gustavo Briceño, Allison DuBois, and Cami Sylvia) one violist (Daniel McCarthy), two bassists (Savanna Merrill and Matthew Peralta), as well as Brookshire on harpsichord, who had to tweak the original line up due to a slight adversity.

Before the show, Brookshire disclosed that in the middle of the semester he had to take a week and a half absence due to a bad tooth infection. In addition to his absence, they also had to find a group of songs that suited an excellent flutist, which isn’t often included in the group.

“We had to adjust the concept for the students due to the instruments they play,” said Brookshire after the concert. “You should always make the changes for the students”

The performance was one that symbolized unity throughout. The all black attire, the serious faces, and the movements with each stroke of their bow were flawless.

“That was extremely impressive,” said Caitlin Lesnak, a junior arts-management major at Purchase. “That was easily the best performance I’ve seen here.”

The group already has their eyes set on next fall’s concerto with big goals in mind. They plan to reconstruct three of Bach’s concertos as they hope to add to the already impressive collection of The Brandenburg Concertos.

“I was really satisfied with the performance,” said Brookshire. “They’ve all worked really hard and it went well.”