Sabotage’s “Iconic” Dance Performance

By Kristy Cappiello

The Sabotage Dance Crew performed their annual showcase “Iconic” on Sunday, November 20 at the Humanities Theater. The show was inspired by the icons who have inspired the dancers performing in the show. From Britney Spears, to Aaliyah, to Beyonce, the dance team performed a wide variety of genres from their favorite artists.

The stand out performer, Abbie Martin, opened the show with a Britney Spears medley. She took the stage in her “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” schoolgirl costume to dance the feature part of Britney, both in the group numbers and as a solo performance. The team recreated the dance’s choreography from the original music video and Martin worked her pigtails and stuffed snake which was wrapped around her neck during “Slave.”

Solo performer, Tajanae Lane, known as “Taji” proved the tiny can be mighty, especially on stage. With three onstage costume changes, Lane revived the late Aaliyah, the princess of R&B. She certainly got the audience’s attention with her risque robe and lingerie costume paired with her seductive dance steps and fierce attitude.

During the group numbers, all eyes were turned to Tyrone Hodges no matter where he was on stage. His isolations and footwork were among the cleanest and sharpest of the entire team. He made it look easy and natural which is one of the many reasons he stood out. His smoothness and grace made him incredibly exciting to watch.

As a whole, the team was in sync and it was abundantly evident that the show was well-rehearsed and required a lot of hard work from the team. The work paid off immensely as the team danced beautifully together, which is no easy task. With the large number of dancers in the group, their dancing was uniformed while still being exciting which looked extremely professional. The show would have looked even more professional if the production team had stronger lighting cues. Between multiple numbers, the lights were not up or down on time. With this, the show started 30 minutes late with no explanation. The audience was almost completely full at 6, when the show was advertised to begin, and were waiting for half an hour for the show to start. With production issues aside, the Sabotage Dance Crew delivered an entertaining show that certainly lived up to its title.