Milkweed Plays at the Stood for the First and Possibly Last Time

Arden Yonkers, lead singer of Milkweed, performing at the Stood. Photo by Cheyenne Forbes.

By Cheyenne Forbes

Inside of the Stood, in the corner room dubbed Whitsons, Arden Yonkers stands in front of the mic, guitar in hand, and cries, “We are Milkweed!” The room reeks of sweat and smoke, and the crowd of over 40 people cheer. Their cries are soon drowned out by the brash sound of guitars along with the rhythmic beats of the drums.

It was a crowd pleasing performance for Milkweed’s first, and possibly last, show at the Very Fun Show hosted at the Stood on Friday, Dec. 2.

“See that kid over there?” Bob Anello asked, jabbing his thumb in the direction of Yonkers. “We’re apartment mates. And he’s graduating soon. Like, this semester soon.”

At the time there were only 14 official days left until the end of the semester, and Yonkers seemed to be making the most of them, rocking out on stage in plum colored lipstick and taking sips of beer between songs. He isn’t too worried about graduating this year–the friends and fans of Milkweed will certainly keep the name known for a very long time, including the other bandmates.

Matthew Lippman, back up guitarist and pianist of Milkweed, is known for putting on theatrical shows. At one point of the show, Lippman raised his hand and cried out, “The spirit of Kurt lives on tonight!” After a few chuckles from the crowd, he scrunched up his face and said, “That’s not funny.”

“He used to sleep on my couch all the time,” said Anello. “He’s crazy fun, and his lyrics are pretty funny. It’s cool to just come here and listen to what he’s come up with next.”

“There are so many unique artists,” said Sara Blouin, a Purchase college student. “You won’t hear stuff like this anywhere else.”

Milkweed’s last song for the night, “I Love You,” was Blouin’s favorite. “They have all these like, social commentary in their songs that’s super fun to hear, and you can relate to it.” She regards Milkweed as some kind of mix between The Doors meets Pink Floyd.

The fans know that this isn’t the last they’ll see of Milkweed, or at the very least, that this isn’t the last they’ll see of Yonkers and Lippman. The Stood’s doors are open every weekend for them to share their latest creations with the rest of Purchase.

“They’re pretty cool guys,” said Anello. “Awesome people to just be around, and their music is pretty great.”