Culture Shock Tick Tock: Day 2

You missed day two of Culture Shock? We’ve got you covered. (You’re welcome.)

Michael Pisacano

2:05- My third year in a row of having to cover Culture Shock during early afternoon hours, undoubtedly the most consistently dead hours of Culture Shock.

2:09- Girl says, “I just really want to kiss that bee.”

Photo by Nicole Burns

2:11- I run into the light and sound crew members for my show “Gonna Get Messy.” Our last performance will be tonight at 8 in the DTL (it’ll be over by the time this gets published) and they said they won’t be able to do the show tonight because they’ll be too drunk. They kid.

2:17- I stop by the Maid Cafe for a piece of cake. One of them says, “I think I remember why I hated being a waitress.”

2:25- As I lean up against a tree with my cup of orange water, some guy asks me to play bean bag toss with him. It’s not as sexual as it sounds.

2:30- It’s been a half hour and the first band, Secret Mountain, still haven’t performed yet. They’ve just been mic checking for the past 30 minutes. Is that the performance? Did I miss it?

2:34- I run into my friends, Rob and Emma, who are all covered in paint because they just came from Color Run.

2:38- I suggest that we go on the swing ride and Rob says, “I would prefer not to get hepatitis.”

2:44- Getting a little dull, might as well go get my fill of some fried Oreos, the actual biggest selling point of Culture Shock for me.

2:53- This would normally be the least crowded time of the day to get fried Oreos, but this line still has not moved for nearly 10 minutes.

3:00- I’ve been on this line for nearly 15 minutes and they’re nowhere near ready to take orders. I’m leaving and will try again later, I won’t stop until I get those fried Oreos. That’s my series arc, even if it takes 9 more seasons!

3:07- Apparently the first band is still running late, so with any luck, I’ll be able to get through this entire session without even having to talk about any of the acts.


3:19- I got ripped off. I paid 5 dollars for 6, but I only got 4. I couldn’t even go back and tell them, because I didn’t want them to think that I ate two of them, and I’m just trying to get more. Whatever, still delicious though.

Photo by Nicole Burns

3:27- I apologize for making most of this about my personal quest to find some Oreos, but that’s honestly the most interesting that’s happening here right now.

3:36- Secret Mountain finally starts playing.

3:38- The lead singer says “This next song is called “High Dive” and it’s not about Scrooge McDuck. I learned that the hard way.

3:42- “We are still Secret Mountain, if you thought we were shapeshifters, think again.”

3:49- As they’re about to play their last song, the lead singer fakes the audience out by starting to play “Ocean Man” by Ween, as made famous by the legendary cinematic gift, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.

3:56- Now that I’m finished I’m going to get a massage, because doing and reporting on nothing for two hours can really tire you out.

Bruce Hamilton

3:59 – Field Mouse is setting up without much fanfare. I don’t think I’m going to mind waiting for anybody to set up today; I have been put into a permanently good mood after eating a burger from the Hapa food truck. There are only ten attendees in the lot, but the grass flanking the stage is littered with students.

4:09 – The band has begun, and someone is cloaked in an American flag, which will take the cake for “Flashiest Outfit During This Block of Time.”

4:10 – Frontperson Rachel Browne introduces the indie-rock quintet with “We’re Field Mouse; ⅗ of us went here,” and it is predictably met with hoots and hollers.

4:11 – A friend and I complain that we did not bring any sunscreen.

4:13 – There are now thirty people in the lot – not a bad crowd for this early in the day.

4:15 – Inflatable plastic cubes marked with the Wellness Center’s logo comically blow across the Admissions lot. Somebody wearing a shirt marked with the Wellness Center’s logo comically chases them.

4:18 – The wise show-goers brought blankets. I am not wise, but I am friends with somebody who is. They also brought sunscreen.

4:20 – “I lost my virginity in Terra Ve,” says guitarist Andrew Futral. Browne interjects, claiming it’s a bold-faced lie.

4:31 – Field Mouse is gaining momentum, but Connor Copeland’s dog, a Scrappy Doo clone named Koda, steals the show upon arrival, at least for the lounging students on the grass. Copeland claimed it took him an hour to get here because of all the times he had to stop for people to pet Koda. They sit near me, meaning I have access to sunscreen, a blanket, and a dog, none of which I planned for at all.

4:36 – Two shoeless guys watch the band play their last song, a true scorcher. The last people to stand on hot asphalt for their love of music were from Liverpool (thank you, goodnight).

4:50 – Ash Zeitler explains how a group of girls performed a late-night rendition of “Rolling on the River,” prompting Daniel Zweiman to mutter, “What even is this place?” I wish I knew, Danny.

4:53 – The bedroom rock trio Jay Som starts their set, which serves as the soundtrack for the incredible amount of lawn lounging.

4:57 – There’s a drum solo, and spectators cheer. Us indie rockers are normally deprived of such a rock n’ roll staple.

5:05 – Screaming Females walk past me. They’re so much cooler in person.

5:14 – I’m eternally grateful for Culture Shock while thinking about the extremely recent and disastrous Fyre Festival. We got music, food, and rides. The trust-fund Fyre ticket buyers got, uh, not really any of that.

5:20 – Friends justify their ludicrous spending on food with, “It’s Culture Shock.” Well said.

5:30 – Jay Som concludes their set just as the Budweiser trailer pulls onto the lawn. Much like Koda, the trailer turns heads.

5:34 – “Who wants t-shirts?!” shouts Major Events Coordinator Rachel Borovaya. This is a brilliant way to get more people to the front barricades for comedian Jaboukie Young-White’s set.

5:39 – It’s now clear that Young-White will go on after an off-kilter guided meditation by Lorelei Ramirez.

5:42 – I lost where we were in the meditation and it’s getting weird. I think it’s about talking to a plant or something. Ramirez’s deadpan is at levels thought previously unachievable. “This sounds like my internal monologue,” says senior Anna Ledwith.

5:46 – Ramirez asks the crowd what they think her biggest fear is. It ends up being “eye contact.” The comedy isn’t landing with everybody, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the people I’m seated near, who are laughing like it’s Pryor at the Apollo and not a hired-gun beatnik from a dark realm.

5:49 – I was under the impression that the opening act was supposed to warm the crowd up. Ramirez isn’t doing that, making her act even funnier. By this point, if you aren’t laughing, you aren’t going to, but if you are laughing, you won’t be able to contain yourself for the rest of the set.

Kerby Marcelin 

6:21 – I just got out of a SICK side stage set played by Poo Poo Patrol, an indie synth pop band. My roommate, Joe, was killing it on the keys and the trumpet. We headed toward the main stage. Palm was on. The crowd got much bigger than it was earlier.

6:24 – A realization! Palm is DIY enough for Purchase. I could only think of Pinegrove when they were playing, but they are freer. That’s not a bad thing.

6:31 – Joe wanted to get a massage from the Wellness Shock tent, but I wanted to go to the beer tent. I won.

6:35 – We are in the beer tent. We met some guy who goes to Bard, not too sober and not too drunk. He was interesting. We got into a deep into a deep conversation about beers. We connected through our love for IPA, Wweetwater to be exact.

6:40 – I got out and Joe was outside, sipping on blueberry cardamom Kombucha instead of beer.

6:43 – We headed to the Wellness tent. Most people were drawing. Some guy was playing Twister with such passion. I couldn’t help, but cheered.

Photo by Nicole Burns

6:47 – We played Tic Tac Toe. I won.

6:50 – Palm was just improvising it felt like. I enjoyed it though. Our boy, Adam, was grooving to it. He was not the only one. People on the grass were chilling.

6:52 – Some UPD officer was smelling a student’s Coca-Cola bottle. He then gave a him a thumbs up. Well, that was weird.

6:54 – Just when I was starting to enjoy the music, our roommate called Joe and said he was locked out. I didn’t have my phone and Joe didn’t have his key. So, we both went there to save him. Thank you Tyler for ruining my time.

Denise Veriello

8:00 – The beer tent is way better this year

8:05- I just got a free T-shirt! I now have something that proves I went to SUNY Purchase besides my diploma.

8:07- There’s a set change happening right now on the main stage.

8:08 – I just heard Beyoncé. I love Beyoncé.

8:16 – An adorable girl with red braids is soundchecking with “do, re, mi, fa ….”

8:17- Oh, I guess this is Ravyn Lenae?

8:18- Ooooooof she sounds amazing! She keeps working out her acoustics as she sings, asking her sound for levels while singing.

8:19 – “Can you guys hear me?” I scream the loudest because she is adorable and I’m in love with her.

8:24- She made us hold our pinkies out and swear to move our bodies.

8:25 – Smoke is blaring from that machine.

8:27 – The range on this bitch! I’m getting my life.

8:29 – My girl just demanded we dance so .. sorry .. I have to take a lil break

8:32 – I just shared a moment with the girl next to me, about our love for Ravyn.

8:35 – “I associate the color purple with very powerful women” Yaaaaassss!

8:41- People are screaming about earth day t-shirts and I CAN’T HEAR RAVYN.

8:43- Aghhh I wish I wasn’t doing a tick tock for this set.

8:45 – “I’m trying to get into your feelings with this next one.” Oh, great.

8:50- Baby girl just brought that BASS! Yessssss!

8;53- Ravyn is gone but her DJ/older brother is playing Kanye.

8:55 – I am up front on the guard rail and I don’t want to lose my spot but I also really want a beer.

9:01 – Eh, whatever, I need a drink.

9:17- “What time is it? Where am I?” It is 9:17 and I am in the beer tent.

9:18- I have the hiccups and they are ruining my life.

9:19- I hear Alvvays and I’m diggin it; I’m a sucker for some falsetto.

9:26- I can’t drink any more of this beer, but I am ready to dance!

9:30 – So the falsetto was actually a girl … oops.

9:32 – The girls are wearing different primary colors and it reminds me of the Wiggles.

9:36 – I just realized the guy playing bass was in front of me on the bathroom line (I swear, I’m not just drunk).

9:40 – These guys sound like they could have been on the “Clueless” soundtrack.

9:45- The drummer has wind blowing through his hair and he looks like he should be on the cover of a 1990s teen magazine.

9:55 – The line for the swings is looooong.

Ethan Gresko

10:21- … Still no Mykki?

Photo by Zoe Hines

10:23- She just came out to reassure the crowd she’s here! Just have to finish setting up.

10:29- There’s a pretty smooth EDM beat playing before Mykki comes on, and in front of me there’s a group of three people just squirming their bodies around, obviously the best way to dance at Culture Shock.
10:32- Mykki is out, rocking a long white dress! Everyone cheered so hopefully she has some popularity among the crowd. I personally hadn’t heard of her before Culture Shock, but that’s what I love about this weekend: discovering new artists.
10:35- “Right now I need everyone to make a circle.” She’s in the crowd rapping!
10:41-She’s totally out of the crowd skipping around the beer tent and grass with the crowd following!
10:43- Who needs a stage right?
10:44- “We must protect trans women. We must protect black children!”
10:48- At the beginning of this song Mykki poured water on her head and went along to hit the mic stand against the side of the stage, something I’ve never seen a performer do.
10:50- “Jump! Jump!” As someone jumps their elbow hits into the person next to them in the face.
10:56- Mykki just carried a chair into the crowd and stood on it. “I want to see everyone’s flash lights like a sea of fireflies.”

Photo by Zoe Hines

11:00- “Make a big circle in the field.” Again, who needs a stage. On top of the golf cart she goes!

11:30- Raury is on with three backup singers!
11:34- The backup singers just threw flowers into the crowd encouraging everyone to feel love tonight!

Photo by Zoe Hines

11:38- “I want red light! Red light, red light red light!” Raury chants before starting the song over.
11:42- His stage presence is really powerful.
11:47- He just asked for a mosh pit. Nothing good comes out of a mosh pit.
11:51- Always gotta give thanks to the backup singers!
11:51- “Put up all your flashlights and lighters for this one!” A much slower song, he can go from powerful, crowd jumping to slow swaying.
11:52- “Throw your peace signs up! May peace prevail!”
11:57- He asked the crowd to snap along, something you don’t see too often at a hip-hop show. But I love it.
11:59- “It doesn’t take much to put up a show. All it takes is love, friends and passion.”
12:09- Hi, I’m back. Songs have gotten pretty slow, loving, sensual, livid, etc. I had to stay in the moment. Sorry!
12:10- He just dedicated this song to a woman who used to be in his life that, “like the cigarettes” he used to smoke, was bad for her. Hence, “Cigarette Song.”
12:15- Nothing like some zeppoli and Raury.
12:20- Show was over but the crowd demanded an encore and got one! Amazing!
12:23- Ended the show with a crowd surf! He killed it. Excellent cap!

Photo by Zoe Hines